Lobsters On Sale This Weekend!

Morning Lobster Nation!

We have some Great Lobster specials to kick off the Holiday Season! Premium Lobster Meat, Lobster Tails, 6 Packs of Live Lobsters, and our Famous Clambakes are all On Sale thru Tuesday! If you know a Lobster Lover, Order This weekend And Save! We have posted the quick links below for you!

Thanks & Have A Great Weekend! Capt. Timmy








Back Up And Running!

Lobsterguy is back up and running, and we have been shipping packages again for a couple of days now. A few boats “snuck” out, but they have “Gales” up for the weekend, so a few are going to let this blow go by and try to get out and back in before another storm shows up at our door the end of next week! Shannon is putting together some Lobster specials as I write this, so we should be able to get them posted this evening for you!

thanks and take care, Capt. Timmy

Hello Lobster Nation!

Our New Website is up and running as of this afternoon! We hope you will check out all the neat improvements and cool updates we have been working to show you! We have the same best priced Fresh Live Maine Lobsters with an all new look and feel with a site that is easier to get around and get just what you want, Live Lobsters!

Thanks Capt. Timmy; http://www.thelobsterguy.com/live-maine-lobster.html

Todays Offload

Unloaded Lobsters and Crabs this am! Fall is showing it’s colors for sure as it was a balmy 45 degrees this morning! The quality of the Lobsters is getting better, but still a lot of shedders! The “run” {size of the lobsters} is getting as bit bigger as well! We are packing a LOT of lobsters today for Lobsterguy shipments as well, so enjoy your fresh caught lobsta!

take care and fairwinds! Capt. Timmy :)